You are Witnesses!

We celebrate the Ascension this Sunday. The Ascension, as we can read in Break Open The Word, “is not about Jesus

You are Witnesses!2017-05-28T18:29:31+10:00

On Our Emmaus Road

In The Macquarie Dictionary, we can find two definitions about journey: (1) a course of travel from one place to another

On Our Emmaus Road2017-04-29T17:43:31+10:00

Hope this Easter

Dear Parishioners, Happy Easter! A big ‘thank-you’ to everyone who helped prepare and present our beautiful Easter Ceremony’s. Easter joy was

Hope this Easter2017-04-21T16:50:22+10:00

The Seven Last Words

Whether they know the reason for it or not, our whole country stops their normal activities to acknowledge the death of

The Seven Last Words2017-04-16T17:08:27+10:00

Whose Face is Mine

We begin Holy Week with Palm Sunday. We commemorate Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem. The crowd praising him was the same crowd

Whose Face is Mine2017-04-10T09:15:39+10:00


It had to start some time. I had been putting it off for weeks, but the shelves kept staring at me


Children Love Easter Eggs

As more and more Australians hopefully choose to buy slavery-free Easter eggs this year, both shoppers and the Federal Government are

Children Love Easter Eggs2017-04-03T07:21:54+10:00
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