What is a Columbarium?

A Columbarium is a wall of niches to hold the ashes of our loved ones. St. Mary’s Parish has built a columbarium in the traditional sandstone similar to the Church. It has been constructed for use of the ashes of the human remains of parishioners and their family members.

Placing of Ashes

At the completion of the funeral, the body is cremated. A short time later the Crematorium will contact the family and advise them that the ashes are ready to be collected. The family will then contact our Parish Office to arrange for the final inurnment of the ashes in the Columbarium. The ashes will be placed in the wall of the Columbarium. There is a fee of $100 for the opening of the niche where the ashes will be placed.

Is there a Ceremony?

Yes, the family will contact the Parish to arrange the placing of the ashes and pray for the repose of the soul of the person who has died.


The fees payable on the approval of an application are: the fee of $1,350.00 (inc GST), the cost of the plaque will be determined by the parish based on the style and design, and the fee of $100 for the opening and closing of the niche by the Parish at the time of placing of the ashes.

Reservation of a Niche

The applicant has the option of reserving a niche will full payment of the fee or by making a 50% deposit and the balance paid by instalments as determined by the Parish. The fee shall be paid to the Parish within 30 days of acceptance of an application.

Plaque Design

The plaques for the Columbarium will be of a standard design, and provided by the parish. The words, and symbols [motifs] shall be discussed, but shall be in accordance with the guidelines of the Parish. The cost of the plaque will be determined by the design agreed to by the Parish and the applicant.

For support and assistance please contact the Parish Office on (07) 3362 8765 or by selecting the ‘contact us’ link below.