Faith in Action

Our Community

Our community consists of four parishes, eleven church buildings, four primary schools, and two secondary colleges. In 2012 we were linked and came together to form the Ipswich Catholic Community. Each parish has a rich history and covers a wide geographical area. We have a strong community presence and although we strive to work well together, we are a people in process. We have imperfect lives, however we continually seek a transforming relationship with Jesus Christ and with each other. Our goal is to become a stronger community built through a set of common values. These values are how we put our Faith in Action and they help enrich our lives and those that we serve.

We hold fast to the importance of Christian stewardship and hospitality. Stewardship is mentioned at least 80 times in the New Testament and we believe it is one of the central values to our identity as Catholics. We put our Faith in Action through our four values of Liturgy, Formation, Community, and Stewardship. It is our intention to ensure these values are the foundation of the work we share to all those we encounter.


Liturgy involves worship that includes our heart, mind and body as we celebrate the risen Christ together.


Faith formation is a journey that involves community participation as we learn about our faith each day.


We put others before ourselves as we act in the lives of those around us by balancing compassion, charity and social responsibility.


We willingly give our time, financial support and prayers to ensure our community lives in service to those in need.


Having a sacramental life is central to who we are and celebrating the sacraments through our liturgy ensures that we have a full, active and conscious participation. The Second Vatican Council upholds that .

…every liturgical celebration, because it is an action of Christ the priest and of His Body which is the Church, is a sacred action surpassing all others; no other action of the Church can equal its efficacy by the same title and to the same degree.

Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy – Paragraph 7.


Spiritual formation is seen as vital to the ministry of all those involved in our Community. It is a transformation process; as we increase in Christ, we decrease in ourselves.

The important point to remember is that the quest to be in communion with God and others, and the thirst for ongoing spiritual formation within the confines of lifelong learning, should be both nurtured and continual. As St Augustine of Hippo said in his famous Confessions: “Our hearts are restless Lord, until they rest in you.”

Archdiocese of Brisbane – Programs and Spiritual Growth.


Social action within the community should always have the common good in mind and conform with the message of the Gospel and teachings of the Church.

It is the role of the laity ‘to animate temporal realities with Crhistian commitment, by which  they show that they are witnesses and agents of peace and justice”

Catechism of the Catholic Church – Paragraph 2442.


Being responsive to what we have been given is a challenge. We believe without the acts of giving, praying and serving we become lost. We only need to check our GPS to see how we are going as Christians. Stewardship calls us to receive what we have been given with gratitude and responsibility, share our blessings with other, and return what we have been given with increase to God.

“..give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap; for the measure you give will be the measure you get back.”

Gospel of Luke 6:38