Social action within the community should always have the common good in mind and conform with the message of the Gospel and teachings of the Church. “It is the role of the laity ‘to animate temporal realities with Christian commitment, by which they show that they are witnesses and agents of peace and justice”

Catechism of the Catholic Church – Paragraph 2442.

Being Christ’s hands and feet is no easy task and we cannot do it alone. Being committed to community ensures that we go out into the work with like-minded people to serve. We have a number of ministries that parishioners can engage with to bring justice and aid to our community.

Hands and Feet of Christ

One of the most importand responsibilities of a Christian is to be Christ’s hands and feet. Living this out in our everyday lives seems simple, however putting it into practice can be quite daunting. We have two programs that we are building to ensure our community is supported when taking up this responsibility. Social justice needs to be active, focused on the community around us, and supportive of the social teachings of the Church.
Hands of Love and Feet of Action organises and developes relationships with local leaders to address community issues and needs.

Hands of Love focusses on helping others in need to allow them to be brothers and sisters in Christ. Some of the ways we can assist those is need are outlined below:

  • Volunteer at a charity
  • Tutor children
  • Assist women who face a difficult or unplanned pregnancy
  • Participate in a community clean-upprogram
  • Donate to food pantries and clothing closets
  • Donate to a community development program
  • Participate in an immersion program

Feet of Charity focusses on setting foundations that are maintainable and for the good of the community. Some of the wats we can uphold Church social teaching are outlined below:

  • Work to improve the education system
  • Extend legal protection to unborn children
  • Support environmental protection laws
  • Promote peace
  • Advocate for international assistance to refugees
  • Online petitions to uphold Church social teaching

Local Community Programs


If you’re at primary school, you can participate in our Mini Vinnies program. Mini Vinnies is a group of young people in primary school who get together to help those in need within their school and local community. Mini Vinnies will introduce you to social justice issues, to the St Vincent de Paul Society and to living faith through action.


The St Vincent de Paul Society’s members and volunteers reach out to the most vulnerable in our community through our Conferences, Special Works and Vinnies shops. Members and volunteers assist people in need and do not discriminate against cultural, religious or political beliefs.


Rosies provides unconditional acceptance and friendship to people who are marginalised within our community – especially those who are homeless, at risk, or simply lonely. Rosies is a volunteer-based not for profit organisation that commenced in Queensland in 1987 as a youth mission.

Catholic Women’s League

Addressing social justice and ethical questions is one of the primary tasks of CWLA. We seek to influence legislative and administrative bodies at all levels in order to preserve the dignity of the human person. We strive to be a voice for the voiceless.