Giving in the Ipswich Catholic Community

Throughout sacred scripture God tells us that everything belongs to God. He made the world and all that is in it. He made us and blessed us with absolutely every gift we have. Our lives, our families, our health, our education, our unique talents and skills, our job and our income are all blessings from God, entrusted into our care for the good of all people. We are called to return just a small portion of our gifts back to the Lord for the sake of our parish community; not simply for just the programs we participate in but for the greater need of the Church and our community.
Your financial Stewardship gift is used to advance the mission of the Ipswich Catholic Community, support our services to the wider community, offset the costs associated with day-to-day operations of our parishes and our faith formation programs. Additionally, your contribution benefits our sacramental preparation services and liturgical programs.

Giving Electronically

You may wish to make an donation to our parish either as a one-off donation or on a regular basis. This can be done by electronic transfer, either by Direct Debit or Credit Card. Please contact the Parish Office so that the appropriate forms can be sent to you.

Giving on a Weekend

Many people make a contribution by cash or cheque using a Stewardship Envelope placed on the collection plate at one of our weekend Masses. Contact the Parish Office on (07) 3362 8765 to order your envelopes.

Giving in Other Ways

There are many other ways to give to our Community, one such way is to our food pantry. We need donations of food items to help us support those in need. Consider pledging a food item each week and bringing it to one of our weekend Masses. Alternatively please contact our parish office for other giving opportunities.