Secondary Colleges

We have two Catholic secondary colleges in our community. With Jesus and Mary as our models, St. Mary’s strives toprovide quality, holistic educationin a caringCatholic Christian Community, and St. Edmund’s College educates young men spiritually, academically, socially, physically and creatively in a compassionate Catholic context.
Both colleges empower young women and men to engage in critical reflection leading to positive action for our world. Our principals from both Colleges invite your daughters and sons to come and share in a rich education.

“St Mary’s College is the only Catholic, all girls’ secondary College in the Ipswich and greater western corridor. Our commitment is for each girl at St Mary’s College to be the best that she can be! The College offers a place where all are welcomed. As a community, this safe, nurturing and supportive environment is our biggest asset with staff, students and parents making it a priority in all we do and say. Our relatively small size helps to promote this sense of belonging.”

 Judith Finan (Principal – St. Mary’s College)

“St. Edmund’s College is extremely proud of our strong heritage and the legacy of the families and staff who have developed our rich learning community. At St. Edmund’s we pride ourselves on developing young men of character who will, in turn, make a difference to the lives of others. Our Pastoral Care system is set up to promote positive relationships and to guide our young men through these important years of education and personal growth.”

Diarmuid O’Riordan (Principal – St. Edmund’s College)