Amalgamation News

Hi everyone,

For nearly 5 years our 4 parishes have worked together very closely and operated under the umbrella of the Ipswich Catholic Community. With 7 weekend Masses in 5 churches (plus regular Monthly Masses in our other churches) we have centralised and now share many of the tasks of running a parish. We are, in a sense, already operating as one parish. After consultation with the Archdiocese, the priests of the parishes and our groups and committees I have decided to finalise the process of amalgamation. The reality is that life here in the Ipswich Catholic Community will not change – all our Churches will keep their identity under the ‘brand’ of a new name. I look forward to working with each of our Church Communities to strengthen the Catholic presence in the Ipswich area. As we begin this new phrase, let’s continue to pray for each other.

Stephen ofm

Local Church Community Consultation

Weekend 10th & 11th August
Following Mass (25-30 mins)
Weekend 17th & 18th August
Following Mass (25-30 mins) 
·   Sat 4:30pm – Immaculate Heart

·   Sat 6:00pm  – St. Mary’s

·   Sun 7:30am – St. Joseph’s

·   Sun 8:30am – St. Mary’s

·   Sat 5:30pm – Miraculous Medal

·   Sat 6:30pm – St. Boniface

·   Sun 8:00am – St. Brigid’s

·   Sun 6:00pm – St. Mary’s

There is also a combined Finance Council Amalgamation Meeting on August 21st from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Michael Parer from the Archdiocese will be attending too. Michael specialty is finance so he will be assisting by providing some guidance and answering any questions the finance council members may have. In the meantime if you have any questions please email

Our Steering Group

Name and church community to follow soon

Archdiocesan Support Group

Name to follow soon